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31-Jul-2017 13:00

Like Rory and Dean, this means maintaining an active sex life will be a little more complicated but not impossible.

You'll just have to get creative — think outside the bedroom if you will.

It didn't help that everyone in town was overly invested in their relationship, either.

I know Rory's follow-up boyfriend, Logan Huntzberger, was no prince, but he had one thing Dean didn't — a student ID number.

At home: Most notably, you and your partner probably won't have a ton of privacy together when you're at home.

Since neither of them possessed the acrobatic skills needed to pull this off, they gave up within a few short and frustrating minutes.

Just because it didn't work out for Rory and Dean doesn't mean it won't work out for you.

There a few things you'll need to consider, though.

Stars Hollow ice cream queen Rory Gilmore taught me a lot about punk rock, classic literature, and high school bullies.

She and Lorelai also taught me that Pop-Tarts are, in fact, one of the main food groups and that wallowing for exactly one weekend after a breakup is actually really helpful.

Dean still lived in their hometown, Stars Hollow... And Rory lived in the dorms at Yale, where she shared a room with the less-than-welcoming Paris Geller.

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