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11-Oct-2017 05:16

stupid woman wanted to do "extensive treatment over several visits" to save it!!

im like its a wisdom tooth, take the damn thinig out!!

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My dentist referred me to an oral surgeon, partly because of the way the teeth are and partly because of my terror.I had a root canal done (they remove the root ) and the only discomfort I had was from having my mouth open so wide for an extended period of time. I got pretty swollen but it wasn't all that bad.Worst part was the headache I got from a screwed up back a few days later.I had all four done in the chair - left hand top and bottom first then a fortnight later the other two. It was fine, the bottom ones were impacted and had to be cut and drilled out but it didn't take too long and I just did calm-birth breathing and pretended like I was in labour!

Recovery was also fine, not nearly as bad as I was expecting.I also found it harder to sleep as i always sleep on my side/belly and one needs to keep their cheeks elevated afterwards.

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