Samsung smart tv web browser keeps updating

08-Jun-2017 22:28

BTW if you notice when notification appears the "details" box is highlighted already so if you hit your enter button on remote bye bye to whatever program you were watching.These notifications should only appear ONE TIME if at all and be on screen long enough to grab your remote and IF you select "OK" which means you acknowledge the notification they should NEVER reappear again. Well, notifications are still happening as of March 27 2016, but now have another issue...I used to love my Samsung tv, but somewhere along the line during one of the "system updates" (I'm guessing) Samsung added /allowed this drop down notification to just appear while viewing program.I had never seen this in the beginning of owning the tv and can only assume one of the "updates" added this annoying change.

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The latest insult was an ad popping up when the input was HDMI. Since March 7th of this year, the Samsung Smart Hub has been delivering a pop-up about discontinuation of their relationship with Skype, and the removal of the service from the Smart Hub on June 2nd.

WOW, what a great update thanks Samsung for slowing down my TV.

I have auto update feature turned off because I want to decide when "MY" TV updates.

The most recent message I started seeing was hawking Samsung's "smart view", and unlike the other messages this one did not have an expiration date. From just when to menu, scrolled down to system, then over to notifications. I guessing they'll keep coming and NOW, the repeats I know how to get rid of thanks to you Notifications is not in System menu, it's in Smart Hub menu, furthermore, when you do select notifications (in Smart Hub menu) on my tv (UN55F7100) drop down notification bar shows notification (if there is one) and a check box for "service notice" and a box for "delete all" selecting delete all only removes notification as long as tv is on, when you turn tv off and turn back on service notice will appear again.

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So, just as you said, Samsung decided to annoy TV viewers with advertising its own apps. Service notice can NOT be removed permanently and NOTIFICATIONS can NOT be disabled permanently or turned off in menu..on my tv.

Then you're good and can more easily get back online by plugging in the device vs configuring wifi on the TV.