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With respect to the provisions at issue, the Joint Resolution called for a date sometime in 1971, thereby allowing ample lead time in plan- ning and preparing for the Conference. In addition, eniphasis.should be placed on Ae development of c^ col- lege level certificssite arid degree programs arid programs in vocational and technical institutes as well as other local pr6grams)for personnel who deliver services to the older population.

With the assistance of legislative staff and the consultation of appro- priate officials from the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, a compromise Joint Resolution was cleared for passage by the Senate on September 9, by the House on September 12, 1968. RECOMMENDATION VIII Curricula in Aging In order to develpp adequately trained persons in health, allied health, and.other professional fields such as law, architecture, social work, etc., sub^ jea matter on aging must be inserted into pre- service arid inseryice curricjila of professional; khoois inimediateiy.

The Congress continued to maintain a strong interest in the older citizens group and to be re- sponsive to their clear needs. RECOMMENDATION V Recmittnent mid Training of Women High priority should be ^ven to the recruitment and training of capable women and die represen- tation of suc^ women in Ixxlies which have Tesponsjbility for allocadph of araini^g and :re- search funds;.

action on their behalf seemed to be deteriorating, there were emerging certain new emphases and developments which gave great promise of bringing about changes which would benefit the older segment of the population. students to/become coinpetent researchers in gerontology. Minori^ groups would include but not be limited to the following: Blacks, Spanish-language Americans, American Indians, and Asian-Americans.

With these substantive differences, the Senate and House^ Joint Resolutions were passed by their respeaive bodies on May 6 and July 30, 1968; The initial* consideration of legislation by sub- committees and then by full committee, and the subsequent passage of the original resolutions just described, involved the active leadership of many senators and representatives. further responsibility of develop- ing an amended, uniform version of the separate Joint Resolutions which would gain the final approval of Congress. All training programs funded on Federal, State and commuiiity levels should aaively recruit faculty and trainees from these groups.

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DESCRIPTO]ks IDENTIFIERS us OEPARIMe NI OF Uf ALTH EDUCATION 8, WEir ARE OFFICE o Veoucayion f Hl S OOCUMENt MAS efts Rf PRO Oui. For this Session, a multi-media pre- sentation was developed to present a vivid illus- tration of the circumstances of today's older people and of the various attitudes society holds toward them. Convened in the evening of the first full day of the Conference, this session was arranged to give special groups and organizations a forum from which to present their points of view early enough in the Conference period to influence the deliberations of the Delegates in their working sessions. Financial support for new serv- ice positions should be provided in balance with support of training programs.^ RECOMMENDATION XII Reordering National Priorities To insure the dedication of- the^Federal Govern- ment and. Under such circumstances, it was natural and imperative that a concerned Congress should call for a second White House Conference on Aging to clarify ^nd assess the current state of affairs and to initiate a new effort to achieve security and dignity for Americans old people. At all stages of the legislative process, cul- minating in the adoption of the Joint Resolution, there was a strong and wide-ranging agreement on the need and value of holding' a second White House Conference on Aging. The Select Subcommittee on Education of the House Committee on Education and Labor also held hearings where, once again, the testimony demonstrated broad support for congressional authorization of the Conference. SECTION LEADERSHIP Space will ptrtntt listing title tmd ad» dress only the first tithe Vf name appem. Center for the Study of Aging 'and Human Develop- ment, Diike University Medical Center, Durluun, North Caro- lina" Members James H.^ Austin,.