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26-Nov-2017 12:48

Cheyenne finds several maps in an old pile of National Geographics. From fresh fruit to vegetables, to meat, breads and sodas.

Our love for maps and dreaming into the beyond has certainly been inherited by the girls. Now we're looking for a world map and all the continents. An unexpected visitor just brought a couple of boxes full of food.

We chop and pick and take several loads to the pile. The girls busily help picking branches and pulling the sled. That should make a dent in the bills we've occured since we've arrived here; it's a whole different way to live by the season of winter instead of day by day.

With a sled we walk into the woods, over the inches thick moss paths. Now and again a flurry of leaves descends from the sky. We dug a deep hole in the ground for an outdoor refridgerator.

Healthcare (Shazam, just dropped a current event on your face! Also, perhaps granny panties should be charged a different rate.

Underwear (How much did it REALLY cost you to make this tiny thing?

The cabin is lovely situated in the hills north of Fairbanks. To charge the laptop and phone we've come up with quite a contraption.

Still, a jacket is nice on the way to the outhouse.

We moved into the cabin on Friday the 20th and are loving it! Eventhough we're very high north, we're not that far. Every evening we turn the propane lights on a little sooner. We'll find out soon it it is still cozy when it's to cold to go outside this winter.

Inside the wood stove is going; just to take the chill off the day. Breads, chocolate wreaths, banana breads, cakes and braided raisin breads roll out of the oven on a regular basis. It's certainly more involved, having to do everything by hand, without electricity.

We're hoping to experience some real sled dogs this winter.

On Saturday the 14th we celebrated at the fair and at the Hampton Inn. Since then we've found a beautiful cabin high in the hills north of Fairbanks... Besides this we have a generator on the porch to cover for the months without sun.

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Now most of the dust is settling, we'll try to update it soon and keep you posted of the first signs of winter and beyond. Go a little further and you're in the dining/play area. Cheyenne and Jasmine are already masters at pedaling. If you have them laying around and haven't quite figured out what to do with them...

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