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Ceritanya bagus dan kocak, saya senyum-senyum sendiri pas baca.

Sayang, chemistry antara Jordan & Hailey kurang berasa di novel ini. Apa seharusnya novel ini masuk kategori Love & Laughter?

Jordan Halifax is sinfully sexy - and also lives right next door! Selain feeling guilty, ya kita juga sibuk untuk mengarang kebohongan kita.

Bukan tidak mungkin juga kita terpeleset kebohongan yang kita buat.

Adolf Bastian, of the University of Berlin, popularised the name through his book Indonesien oder die Inseln des Malayischen Archipels, 1884–1894.

The first Indonesian scholar to use the name was Suwardi Suryaningrat (Ki Hajar Dewantara), when in 1913 he established a press bureau in the Netherlands, Indonesisch Pers-bureau.

They arrived around 2,000 BCE, and as they spread through the archipelago, confined the indigenous Melanesian peoples to the far eastern regions.

allowed villages, towns, and small kingdoms to flourish by the first century CE.

Indonesia's strategic sea-lane position fostered inter-island and international trade, including links with Indian kingdoms and China, which were established several centuries BCE.

A shared identity has developed, defined by a national language, ethnic diversity, religious pluralism within a Muslim-majority population, and a history of colonialism and rebellion against it.

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Indonesia's national motto, "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" ("Unity in Diversity" literally, "many, yet one"), articulates the diversity that shapes the country.

It is also a founding member of Non-Aligned Movement, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, East Asia Summit, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.