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26-Dec-2017 07:59

I know that on the other side of that growth, she’ll see where I’m coming from. How would you feel if your little ones were not invited to a family milestone?But there’s no chance of true understanding until then. I know I’m not the first to go through this, so I hit the forums to find out how other mums have handled this same thing in the past:“It’s not being unreasonable,” says Viperbunny on Reddit. I love kids and my wedding was child-free (although it wasn’t an issue for us because no one had young kids).For us, it was a child-free wedding because all my cousins have teenagers and if we let everyone take their kids we would have never been able to have the venue we did and the cost would have been about double.“Kids cry,” she adds.Take Miss One (my youngest): she can’t stay with just any babysitter—she needs to know and be comfortable with them, which is difficult when every family member and friend will be attending the wedding themselves.On the other side, Miss Seven (my older daughter) understands that theoretically it possible for her to attend, and she’s fully able to comprehend the fact that she is being left out.“I didn’t want my best friends all leaving at 6 pm to do bath time!

This is [the bride’s] day and she is allowed to have it go smoothly.If you want to open Pandora’s box of pain, it turns out there’s your shortcut. Check any parenting or bridal forum on the topic of child-free weddings, and you’ll discover singles and parents often on opposite sides of the fence—with fierce tempers and hurt feelings all around. They make messes, throw tantrums, bump into things, and are known to stick their fingers into places they shouldn’t.They pipe up when you want them to be quiet and melt down when the festivities are just revving up. They’re at an age when being involved in a special event will create memories that resonate for their entire life.If I could go back, I’d phone my dear friend Hannah and tell her of course she can bring her 3-year-old son alongside her 1-month-old baby.

(I had also invited Hannah’s parents to the wedding, so she found it almost impossible to get a sitter.) I wish I hadn’t put her through that stress and now understand how difficult she must have found the whole thing.”As for me, I’m determined to keep my composure and see the event through just the way my sister wants.

For parents with breastfed little bubs, leaving them for more than a few hours simply isn’t an option.

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